I want to buy a house (used property + renovation)

Second-hand property with good location. We search for properties of the desired area, size and type (condominiums or detached houses, etc.) and fully renovate them to create an ideal home that is just like a new building and customize it in one-of-a-kind style.


I want to sell my house (assessment of properties / dismantling of buildings)

Assess properties based on transaction examples and market prices. If you are in a hurry, we will make a purchase proposal. Depending on the content, we will make various proposals such as patterns to dismantle the house .


I want to open a store (Find tenants + Interior design)

Locations are very important for restaurants, dealers, and beauty salons. We look for a busy area near the station and a quiet residential area with an extensive network of Ava Stage. For interior design, we will propose an optimal plan for each industry and property based on our extensive construction experience.


Want to operate real estate (management and effective use)

We propose the most effective use of real estate according to the region from the management business of owned and purchased real estate.